Adult Bible Fellowships

What is an ABF?

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The letters “ABF” stand for “Adult Bible Fellowship.” ABFs are the medium sized groups at Wildwood.  Just as Jesus had a group of 70 or so regular followers, we have ABFs for the study of scripture and the Christian life in a more informal setting.

Who goes to ABFs? When do they meet?

The classes are multi-generational, with some meeting at 9:00am and some at 10:30am.

Why should I go?

We are happy to have you attend our morning worship services, but those are large gatherings and do not afford great opportunities for developing friendships, sharing prayer needs or truly feeling part of the Wildwood family. ABFs provide all of these opportunities.

How do I join?

We encourage you to try out the class that most interests you for a few weeks and see how it fits. Feel free to visit more than one class before you make a decision. It is that simple! If you come to church during the middle of an ABF quarter, don’t hesitate to hop into a class.

Summer ABFs (June 5th )


Senior Fellowship Class
Teacher: David Howell
Our ABF class will be looking at the second half of the book of Genesis, studying the beginning of the nation of Israel, the lives of Jacob and his son Joseph.

2 Peter and Jude
Teacher: Al Knott
Welcome to a study of 2 of the Bible’s most interesting books on practical living and prophecy. In this study, we will focus on what the Bible has to say regarding false teaching, how to recognize it, the inerrancy of Scripture, and what God has revealed to us about His plan for the future. It will be an exciting class as we look at biblical events as recorded by Peter and Jude and what they have to say about our world today and tomorrow. As always, it will be an interactive class and your input is vital. Put your thinking caps on and be prepared to be amazed and encouraged by the God we serve.


Vocation, Vacation
Teacher: Mark Barr
Often times a vacation trip or special event sticks in our mind and heart for the rest of our life. We will explore how parents and grandparents can intentionally integrate truths about God’s character and promises into these lasting memories. No book to read, no homework to complete; Vocation Vacation is an adventure in the intentional creation of teachable moments.

Current Issues in Missions
Teacher: Ron May
This class will look at implications for missions that flow out of the changing world in which we live. We will explore the impact of the shift of the “Christian Center” from western cultures to the southern hemisphere. We will also explore debates in missions between evangelism, humanitarian relief, issues of justice, business as mission, short-term missions, theological matters related to missions today and indigenous driven missions. The presenter for this course is Dr. Tim Sisk, professor and chair of the Department of World Missions at the Moody Bible Institute.

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