Adult Bible Fellowships

What is an ABF?

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The letters “ABF” stand for “Adult Bible Fellowship.” ABFs are the medium sized groups at Wildwood.  Just as Jesus had a group of 70 or so regular followers, we have ABFs for the study of scripture and the Christian life in a more informal setting.

Who goes to ABFs? When do they meet?

The classes are multi-generational, with some meeting at 9:00am and some at 10:30am.

Why should I go?

We are happy to have you attend our morning worship services, but those are large gatherings and do not afford great opportunities for developing friendships, sharing prayer needs or truly feeling part of the Wildwood family. ABFs provide all of these opportunities.

How do I join?

We encourage you to try out the class that most interests you for a few weeks and see how it fits. Feel free to visit more than one class before you make a decision. It is that simple! If you come to church during the middle of an ABF quarter, don’t hesitate to hop into a class.

Winter ABFs (January 12th – May 18th)


Senior Fellowship Class
Teacher: David Howell
Seniors are invited to join this class for a time of fellowship and study in the book of 2 Samuel.
Romans: The Letter that Changed the World
Teacher: Hugh Simmons
One of the greatest messages in all the Bible is how a Holy God can get a sinful man into heaven and not compromise who He is. Romans tells us just that! Romans is the premier letter of all of Paul’s writings. Romans is the Bible in miniature. It may be the single most important document ever penned by man and only divine inspiration could make it so.
Poetic & Prophetic Books of the Old Testament
Teachers: Ellicott, Souk & Marcy Kongkousonh, Roy Klavitter
Beginning with Genesis and continuing through Revelation, the Bible teaches us that God has been working out His plan. In this ABF study, we will look at the various stages in God’s timetable (from man’s innocence to the kingdom age) as He brings His plan to fruition. This study will help you to understand how God’s special creation (men & women) fit into His plan. Be part of an interactive class that will challenge you and encourage you as you live the Christian life.


The Majesty of God
Teacher: Al Knott
In this series of lessons we will be studying Isaiah chapters 40-48. We will see God as Isaiah presents Him as the God of the universe. God promises to send His Servant (Jesus) to bring light to the world and provide a way for the forgiveness of sin. The power of the Holy Spirit in God’s plan for Israel will be studied as well as the sovereignty of God over the affairs of nations. God will be seen as He is actively involved in the lives of Israel and how His Word as recorded by Isaiah impacts our lives today. Come prepared to participate in an interactive class that will increase your faith in the God of the universe.
Living By the Book
Teachers: Ron May, Gerad Hall, Jana Gosa, Adam Heald
Exploring God’s Word can be one of life’s greatest adventures. In Living by the Book, we will learn how to make inductive Bible study fun and profitable. The class will utilize some teaching by Howard Hendricks of Dallas Theological Seminary and some teachers from Wildwood. Join us for a great adventure that could change your understanding of what God says through the Bible.

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