Family Ministry


Partnering Church & Family together to effectively raise & train the next generation of Christ-Followers.

Why Family Ministry

Wildwood seeks to provide the greatest possible ministry experience for people of all ages.  Our hope is that at specific age level kids & students would be ministered to appropriately and that the ministry a person experiences would build as he or she grows up.

Birth through College

In 2010, we decided to bring the scope of our Children & Student ministry under one head to create more cohesiveness.  We’re seeking to be intentional in terms of partnering with parents from birth through college.  The reason why we say college is that too often ministries have made high school graduation this invisible finish line, but the reality is that if we stop there we’re losing our opportunity to leverage our influence into students’ lives during a pivotal circumstance.  It’s between the ages of 18-22 that roughly 70% of people who grew up in church are walking away.  We’re trying to do our part and lowering that number considerably.

Kid’s Ministry

The curriculum we use for Nursery/Preschool is called First Look and it comes from Orange.  Our elementary curriculum is called 252 Basics and it also comes from Orange.  The reason for this is that it strategically builds as kids grow up within our programs and Orange is one of the leading ministries when it comes to partnering church & family together.

A highlight of this is that during H20 Live, Tree House, and Awana kids are learning about the same virtue, same bible story, and same bottom line.  So everything that is happening during a week is reinforcing itself.  This helps parents have conversations as families too, because even if they have kid’s in multiple grades they’re learning the same thing only at their level.  As opposed to other methods that has your 1st grader learning about Jonah, while your 3rd grader is learning about Moses, and your 5th grader is learning about Jesus.  In that model it can be very difficult to have one single conversation with the entire family.

Student Ministry

As Family Ministry expands into the realm of Student Ministry there are important steps for the church and parents to partner together.  Two primary steps are made on our part, but there are several more to follow.  The first step is that each student who enters into our student ministry (Crossroads – Middle School/Inside Out – High School) becomes a part of a consistent small group.  There are two adults who lead that small group and they become additional voices speaking truth into the student’s life along with you.  The other important step is that we utilize The Parent Spot as a place where you can go to make sure you’re up to date on message topics, upcoming events, etc.

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