Holy Land Tour June 14th – June 26th, 2017

What is this trip?

This trip is an opportunity to take the Bible from “black and white” to “color!”

Imagine walking around the Sea of Galilee where Jesus called the Disciples to become “Fishers of Men.” Then standing on the Mount of Olives where Jesus’ ascended into heaven. These and more are precisely the type of experiences you’ll have if you join this “once in a life time” trip.

You will visit some of the most well known biblical sites like Nazareth, Jerusalem, and Megiddo (Armageddon). We will learn together from the Scriptures at each site. We will spend time praying and worshipping together. We will fellowship with other believers and visit archaeological digs.

Please don’t pass up this opportunity to sing on the Sea of Galilee, pray at the Western Wall, and celebrate the resurrection at the Garden Tomb. Pastor Gerad would love to have you join them with our tour leader Dr. Tim Sigler for this journey to God’s Promise Land.


With whom will we travel?

Tim Sigler (Ph.D., Trinity) is a Professor of Hebrew and Biblical Studies at Moody Bible Institute and spends 3-4 months out of the year in Israel and the Middle East. He has taught for the Masters College IBEX Program, Israel College of the Bible, Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary and as a Scholar-in-Residence for CJF Ministries.

Dr. Sigler has served in pastoral ministry for over a decade and is an elder at the Olive Tree Congregation. In collaboration with other Moody faculty, he developed Moody’s SHALOM and SALAAM programs to provide study abroad options for Moody students.

He regularly teaches the following courses at MBI: Life in Bible Times, Hermeneutics, Old Testament Wisdom Literature, Old Testament Historical Literature I, Hebrew Grammar I & II, Hebrew Exegesis I & II, Biblical Theology of
Jerusalem, and Biblical Archaeology.

Dr. Sigler was Pastor Gerad’s professor, and the two have since become close friends. Gerad has spent time with Dr. Sigler in Israel and he can testify to the benefit of having him lead this tour. He is extremely familiar with the biblical sites, and a convenient bonus is that he speaks modern Hebrew!



Will I be safe?

Short answer: ABSOLUTELY. In 2012, close to four million tourists came to Israel, an all-time record, and all of them went back home again safe and sound.

How much does this trip cost?

Projected cost is $4,200 (based on projection of the number of participants, airfare, and taxes). This includes: Travel from Quad Cities to O’Hare, round-trip flight, breakfast and dinners at 4-Star hotels, entrance to all sites, licensed tour guide and luxury tour bus.

*Price is based on projected airfare and taxes*

Are there limitations on who can participate in this tour?

This trip is not designed to accommodate the means of children under the age of 12 or those with limited mobility.

Passports and Vaccinations?

You will need a valid passport that will not expire within 6 months following the trip.

Vaccinations are NOT required to visit Israel.

Can people who do not attend Wildwood join us?

Of course! Please invite friends and/or family members who would like to participate in this wonderful experience.

Please fill out this form to be contacted with more information: Israel Trip Interest Form 2017

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