Here at Wildwood, we invite people to become disciples of our Lord. We want to build them up in their faith, so that they know what it means to truly worship; they are grounded in the Scriptures and can explain them to others; they are in close relationship with others who love and care for them.

This is what the word “building” means. We desire to build up the lives of our people to be like Christ. “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in truth,” is how the Apostle John put it.


Here at Wildwood, we equip people in developing their abilities to win and build others in Christian faith through serving.  Skills are best learned when put to use. It is in the trenches of leading, serving and working with others to make Jesus known and help them grow in their faith that we develop the skills needed to be effective.


Here at Wildwood, we desire to obey the command of Jesus to share the Gospel with people who do not know Him. We spend time, money, energy, and effort in making Jesus known to children, teenagers, and adults, both in the Quad Cities and around the world. We believe that if we are not growing through sharing Christ with others, we will be groaning in the frustration of having no new life. New Christians are the fountain of youth for the church. Without new Christians, we will get stuck in the mire of traditionalism. With new Christians, we will be constantly in awe of the work of God among us.

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