Wildwood School of the Bible

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Wildwood School of the Bible is designed to offer college level training in the Word of God. It assists students in becoming established in the faith along with being rooted and grounded in the Word. It provides tools for continuing Bible study and for effective Christian witness. The Certificate in Bible is granted upon completion of the curriculum requirements*.


Courses will be offered as part of the Adult Bible Fellowships. We will offer at least three courses per year (one course per ABF semester). Courses will utilize skilled experts in their field of study via video lecture to supplement a teacher from Wildwood.

Course requirements

  • Class lectures and periodic quizzes
  • Outside reading/study – students will need invest in resources/books. Such
    resources for required reading will be kept to less than $50.00 per class.
  • Project/Paper


    • BI 100 Learn to Study the Bible
    • BI 201 The Story of the Bible
    • ED 101 Introducing Discipleship
    • ED 121 Introducing Evangelism
    • NT 101 Introducing the New Testament
    • OT 101 Introducing the Old Testament I
    • OT 102 Introducing the Old Testament II
    • TH 111 Systematic Theology I
    • TH 112 Systematic Theology II
    • TH 191 Missional Approach to World Religions
    • Elective TBD
    • Elective TBD

*Wildwood School of the Bible is not an accredited educational institution but offers courses on par with accredited institutions that offer Certificates in Biblical Studies.

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