Sunday Morning-Middle and High School Students

Middle School


Every Sunday morning during 1st Service (9:00am) in the Youth Room



  • Hang Out (Wii, Ping-pong, Chess, Cards, etc) – 15 minutes
  • Growth Groups (Divided by grade & gender) – 45 minutes
  • Hang Out (See above) – 10 minutes


Students will learn about 3 primary topics:

  1. Theology – We’ll learn about God, the Bible, Jesus, and more.
  2. Evangelism – During this time we’ll get practical tips and reasons why our faith is something to be shared.
  3. Bible Study – We take time to make sure students know how to read, interpret, and apply the Bible to their lives.

High School


Our hope is that at Wildwood High School Students would know how to be the Church instead of how to go to church.  We believe that Students aren’t the Church of tomorrow, but the Church of today.  It’s because of these convictions that we invite and encourage High School Students to be a part of our Worship Service, Serve, and/or attend an ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship).

We realize it may be hard for some new students to plug-in without a class, but we believe strongly that by connecting High School Students to the adult life of the Church it reduces the likelihood of them being part of the 70% who walk away from the church between the ages of 18-22.

For information on where High School Students can connect to other peers please click on Inside Out.

We believe strongly in partnering with Parents and if you’d like to stay connected please click on The Parent Spot.



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